Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lets sit at the desk...

So when I was pregnant with Sydney we gave up our guest room/office/craft room
 to give her an adorable nursery.
Which you will be getting a tower of soon.
Remember that desk I mentioned painting here.
Well we picked up this beast off the side of the road for free.

Ugly but free, with potential!
We got home tossed the computer on it and left it ugly.
Until now! It's spring spruce up yo!
I busted out some white oil based paint
(read about Nathans painting mommas car adventure here)
rolled up my selves and painted it white.
Then I spray painted the brass hardware powder blue.
Vioala! So much prettier now!

Best part was it was free!
It came with a matching chair that I plan to paint this week.