Saturday, April 2, 2011


Ok y'all I'm doing and you should too!
I'd love to read your!
Let's do this thing

Making : my anthro bedding (which is sssooo close to being done)
Cooking : up a vision of the mobile I plan to make for Sydney next week.
Drinking : O.J. My fav!
Reading: Who has time for that?
Wanting: a new sewing machine.
Looking: at my baby girl asleep in my arms
Playing: mommy as always!
Wasting: time wishing I had more of it
Sewing: my anthro bedding!
Wishing: time would slow down
Enjoying: the weekend with my wonderful family
Waiting: for Alex to finish building his garage!
Liking: the fact that i got a lot of sewing in today, my kid a are both sleeping, and how great this weekend has been
Wondering: when if I'll ever get a new sewing machine.
Loving: my babies
Hoping: that i can finally decide which sewing machine i want to buy
Marvelling: at how quickly my boys can mess up my just cleaned house
Needing: to get up and finish me bedding
Smell: baby lotion on Sydney sleeping next to me.
Wearing: a tank top and pj pants
Following: Hollys World
Noticing: that my baby are growing too fast
Knowing: i really should be folding laundry
Thinking: I'm kinda sleep at 8:50.
Bookmarking: all of your fab crafty tutorials!
Opening: my sew cabinet
Giggling: at Duke snoring!

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