Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I've been spending most of my free (which in all reality is pretty non exsitant)
so I guess I should say I've been sleeping less to
work on my anthro bedding that I posted about here,
using this tutorial at Kojo Designs.

So yeah... I've been working like a little honey bee on this baby.
It's been going great,
Realtivley easy even.
I was sewing the last peice of the "puzzle" toghether on Sunday night when
 the needle on my machine breaks.
Wierd, but no big deal right.
Just replace it and contuine.
So I get going again and
 but this time the needle piece flew directly into
yeah my
I was freaking out!
It hurt like the dickens
(unmedicated child birth was less painful)
I was picturing a needle stick straight out of my eye,
like you would see in a horror movie!

I made my way to my bedroon where I woke Al from a dead sleep.
I explained it broke and was in my eye and I NEEDED him to
G.E.T. I.T. O.U.T. N.O.W.
we go into the bathroom where he takes a look.
"he says yup there it is"
I lost it at the point full blown tears!
I'm not sure why but it just totally freaked me out to have it confirmed,
 that was in fact a NEEDLE  in my EYE.
I'm a mother I NEED to be able to see!

He took a Q-tip and tweezers and removed the needle from my eye!
Luckily it was just floating around in there,
not stuck on my actually eye ball!
I was so revealed! But it was still so painful!
Today it feels much better and I can see just the same as Sunday morning!

The piece of needle after being removed from my eye!

Thank you Alex for saving the day!
Pictures of the bedding soon!
It looks great! Can't wait to show you!

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if you haven't already!
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  1. OMG! Ouch girl! Glad your doing ok though...that's scary stuff!