Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where art Thou....

So I'm kinda a clean freak...
But it's not my fault!
I was raised by a clean freak, who was raised by a CLEAN FREAK!
So as you can see it runs in my blood!
I just can't help it!
I need things to be clean!
Recently however my vacuum as decided that SUCKING is not what it wants to do
So.... it just pushes dirt around, rather than picking it up
Sooooo not ok when you have an acre of dirt, plus a dog and a two year old boy!
Needless to say my floors end up with a lot of dirt!
I need a vacuum to do it's job! Cuz I vacuum A LOT!

So after lots of research I ordered  this baby!
The Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Vacuum Cleaner!
And boy am I excited for her arrival!
She was suppose to be here today,
I left the gates open and waited
And waited, and waited.
She never came.
(Picture me with a VERY sad look on my face.)

Hopefully she comes tomorrow, because lord knows my floors need her.

On a less boring, house wife note
I started my new bedding!
I'm gong to attempt this anthro knock off bedding!

Wish me luck I'm gonna need it!

But isn't it just lovely!
I FINALLY am putting some effort into the master bedroom!
It is just plain yuck right now!
After getting the whole house decorated,
to an acceptable amount
(there is still so much I want to do and change)
I never ended up putting any effort into the master.

It was just the last room to be finished construction wise
and I never got around to decorating it,
Until now!
Stay turned I'm going to post pictures of it right now
(once I find my lost camera, have you notice I seem to misplace things often)
and do a step by step of the transformation!
It'll be slow, but fun!


  1. oh my gosh!!! I always eye this bedding down when I go to Anthro...I could never afford it. Good luck!! I can't wait to see how it turns out :)

  2. I know right! How wants to spend $400+ of a bedspread! But it sure is wonderfully beautiful! I spent $32.65 on the materials to (try) and make! Lol I really hope it turns out!

  3. I love the bedding :) I'm in love with this set from Bed Bath and Beyond that's mostly white with embroidered colorful flowers and birds, but it wouldn't stay white for long. We let our dog up on the corner of the bed and I know there would be a perpetual brown spot on that corner.... *sigh* for the love of dog...


    so this is the white on I want

    but I do like this one as a non-white alternative

  5. That is really pretty! But my husband is so picky about the material our bedding is! It has to be 100% cotton or he hates it and can't sleep! What a wired-o huh! Lol