Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Locks of love

Yesterday I
Mopped my floors.
Did two loads of laundry.
Had lunch with my mom.
Donated a foot of my hair.

All my life I've had long, thick, curly hair
. By long I mean always a good few inches below my shoulders.
 Let's just admit it up front, I have chubby checks!
Always had those also.
That's why I've never cut my hair short,
 it just makes my face seem 10x chubbier!
When I was pregnant with Nathan my hair grew like wild flowers in an open meadow!
It was outta control from those prenatal vitamins!
And when he was 3 months old I decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love.
It left my hair just past my shoulders,
 the shortest it had ever been.
I cried as I drove home because my face looked so chubby,
but it was done, so why cry?
I did a selfless thing.
 I just kept telling myself that.
And of course my hair grew back.
I even started to like it shorter.

Now after a year on prenatal vitamins again my hair was long.
This long...

So I worked up the courage and donated it again!
It was easier this time, because I know in a few short months it will be longer.
I gave 12 inches, yup a whole ruler! 
 I feel great about it.
 Someone out there will be so happy to get that hair.
And when I straighten my hair,
 I think I really might actually like it!

See Sydney? She slept just like that the whole time!

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