Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sewing Station

My sewing used to take place in our guest room,
which is now Sydneys room!
And since sewing is a nap time/after hours pass time
 I needed to find a new place to set up shop.
We picked up this off craigslist for free

Turns out it was free because it was on the 3rd floor of a walk up apartment complex,
the ad did not say that, not that it would have made me want it less!
Needless to say the hubby loves me!
It was in great shape,
until the husband dropped the doors while trying to get it down 3 flights of stairs,
and keep our two year old of of harms way!
No biggie, nothing a little bondo can't fix!

So we painted, spray painted actually.
BAD idea!
It just scrapped right off whenever anything touched it.
So... we scrapped off all the spray paint and roll painted it.
Pheww that took twice as long as we had planned on!

Then the fun part!
Saw time!
We bought a piece or birch ply wood,
 and my wonderfully handy Alex created this....

It folds out,
 it's the perfect height (same as a standard table)
has plenty of room to spread my project out,
a measuring tape that is one yard,
hooks for the rottery cutter,
my spool holder,
the doors are lined with cork board so I can pin up inspirations, patterns, or anything else I want!

And when I done,
my sewing machine slips back into the chest,

I fold up the table

and close the doors!

This is in our living room!
Isn't it a great free find!
 It costed us about fifty dollars!!

Like? Dislike?

Hubby of the year? I'd say so!


  1. LOVE it and a tie for husband of the year!

  2. oh man I love that!! good job alex!

  3. oh my gosh that is so awesome, loving it!