Monday, March 14, 2011


I LOVE my life!
Things have been hard lately but at the end of the day I have the worlds best family.
If you missed the post about the week and my parents check it out  here.
And last night after putting Sydney to bed I went looking for the boys.
And found this

Oh! So sweet!
They fell asleep watching Sherk!
That just feels my heart with love and happiness.
I love love love those boys.
Even the hardest weeks can end in such loving, heart warming moments.

Ok ok enough with the muss I know!

Update on Sydney:
When I wrote this post last night and saved it as a draft for morning when I uploaded the photo
she was doing great.
Then 2 am round around and we were back at square one.
She has cried so much in the past few days that she has lost her voice.
She can barely even cry now.
Ah so so heartbreaking.
She has lost a full pound since Saturday and it back at 9 lbs
After numerous tests and 3 doctors they came to the conclusion
that she has NO major illnesses.
She was given new medication for her ear,
there is nothing that can be done for the cough or fever aside from Tylenol.
And they gave us numbing drops for her ear in hopes of easing some pain and preventing so crying.

Hopefully she will be feeling better soon

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