Friday, March 4, 2011

Rocker Beautification Project

This was a rocker my grandma bought a few years ago for $25.
 When she was finished with it she gave it to my older sister,
who placed it in storage until she found her own place.
Now it's ours, my sister still lives with our parents so she gave it to me for the new babies room.

Jean...not my favorite but she is in great shape!
She looks good but I knew she could be a better fit to Sydney's room.
I stumbled a crossed an upholstery store that was going out of business
and picked up some fabrics for $2/yard!
Amazing I know!
Upholstery at that was a great day!
Got more then I needed of course!
Who can contain themselves at such a great sale!
So $6 worth of upholstery fabric plus one hand me down rocker equals...

A much better fit to her room! Sydney's room tour coming soon!
Followed by Nathan's room tour!
Are you excited?
I am!!
 I love both their rooms!


  1. Sheesh I wish I could sew like you can! Did you just teach yourself? How do you know how/what to measure?

  2. Yeah I am self taught, although would love to take classes! I just figured a yard up, a yard down, and two yards for the seat and arms. Then I just traced the cushions onto the fabric and sewed about 3/4 an inches in then test fit, alter, test alter, test alter til it was tight and prefect! Just a guessing game! And I have probably just over a yard of fabric left. But better too much than too little!,