Monday, March 21, 2011

Hooded Animal Towels

Nathan loves animals
Anything with a tail he is all about!
Our dog Duke...his all time best friend!

He also loves water!
The lake, the beach, pools, baths
any form of water and he is there!

So why not dry my soaking wet fish off in style right!
Behold the hooded animal towels my son sports!
(all momma made of course!!)

Hooded worked out perfectly
keeps him warm
and serves as the head of the animal!

And for when Sydney is ready to hit the sand

Which one is your favorite??
Would you use these with your kids??
Or am I a total nerd??


  1. I love the ladybug one! I can't wait to have kids of my own so I sport these! :)

  2. so I can* sport these! duh!

  3. I have them both for samuel and tallulah and i used them all the time <3 these hand made animals towels made with lots of LOVE by MORLAND (Our Beautiful Cousin)

  4. I like the turtle one! But then again, I have an affinity for turtles :) What did it for me is the shell pattern on the back!