Friday, March 4, 2011

Refashioned Car Seat

So something you should know about me
I heart sewing! Yup love it!
Trying new things, making, creating, dreaming.
There are just endless possibilities and I love it.
The freedom I feel when I sit down to create something, and the joy of a finished projected.
I love being proud of the end result.
 I especially love to make gifts.
My friend who is very dear to my heart is due this month with her second son.
And this is what I made as her baby gift...

Do you love it?
 I do! And I really hope she does too!
I love the idea of a fresh new look on the same seat you used with baby numero uno!
This is the one I made for my little princess....

I'll admit I actually like the boy one better!
Blue is my favorite color though!
But pink sure is growing on me now that I have a daughter! ;)

So what do you think?
Like the idea of refashioning your used carseat, or not so much??


  1. Thank you!! After nap today I'm headed to theist office to send you your cart cover! :)

  2. Can u list a tutorial or tell me how much it would cost
    For you to make me one. My sister is having a girl and would like to reuse her 1.5 yr old sons little car seat!

  3. ShAunnette what brand & style seat does she have cuz that makes a difference! And are you wanting to make a slip cover or redo the cove that it actually on the seat. I just do slip covers because if you mess with the original seat it voids the warrant, and slip covers can be taking off and washed, yet still padded if you'd like. Sydneys and that blue one are both only padded in the center piece (the minky) but I've made fully padded and fully not padded before. I bought a pattern, then modified it in a few places to make it work for our caresses (Graco SafeSeat) If I recall I bought it off etsy, I'll pull it out and find it in esty for you! It's really not that hard at all! Like at all! Lol and it makes an awesome gift! People think you have made sewing skills! Lol (not true with me, I can just wing it better well! Lol) the pattern was not too expensive and I've used it a ton 10+ times, so it was worth it for me! If I can't find the link i can just photocopy it for you!