Monday, March 28, 2011


The bedroom redo is underway!
I'm hunting and gathering things for it,
I have a floor plan laid out in my head
But I'll probably play with it some more.
I've decided on grey walls, just have to find the right grey!

Here is my 1st teal bedroom accessory!
I picked this baby up at JoAnns for 80% off in the clearance section.

There were two screws in the back so I though
Just unscrew those puppies pop the flower off
spray paint it, re screw.

Yeah well that baby was SUPER DOPER glued down!
Alex even broke a petal off trying to get it free...

So we ended up just taping it off and spray painting!
Worked fine, just took a little longer!
Oh and I hot glued the petal back on!
She is now waiting for her time to shine in my bedroom!

The bedding is in the works also!
I figure that if I do a few "knots" each night
It should be done by Easter.
Easter is my goal.

I'm considering hosting my families Easter Celebration this year.
It would be my first holiday hosted for them!
I've hosted Christmas the past few years for my in lawed family.
I think if I host it will giving me more incentive on the spruce up!
Who knows though because I already fell like my plate is rather full!

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