Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hard Week...

This week has been hard.
Nathan came down with a head cold.
Coughing, sneezing, high fever just plain miserable.
He wanted to be held all day, and so did Sydney, neither took good naps.
It was difficult and sad.
Thankfully my mom is mother/grandmother of the year.
She gave up her whole day wenseday to help me.

Even my germ-a-phobe dad came over to help!

Nathan went to the doctor on Thursday.
We were told he had an ear infection and a head cold.
Poor little man.
Then Saturday morning Sydney woke and cried NONstop.
Mind you she rarely ever cries.
She was throwing up, not spit up VOMIT.
Her fever was over 100 my poor little girl.
Nothing breaks your heart more then a little 9lb baby
coughing, sneezing, vomiting & refusing to eat.
After hours of crying I took her to urgent care,
where we were informed of an ear infection & stomach virus.

My poor kiddos.
Today however they both seem in better spirits. Still sick, but smiling.
Thank the Lord. My little family is on the mend.
Times like these make me grateful for family close by

& a hands on husband with paid sick leave!
Some small crafts got finished this week so I could keep my sanity,
I'll post about them later!
Spring is here and I'm loving all the colorful flowers!

I plan to do some planting this week, hopefully!
Hope your week was better than ours!

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